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A Friar’s Notes
Summertime: When the Living is _______.

Fr. David Convertino, OFM
Executive Director of Development

If your answer to the blank was “easy,” you’re likely not facing the harsh realities of homelessness or extreme poverty.

While many assume that warmer weather eases the struggles of the homeless, the summer heat brings its own severe challenges. For those without shelter, the scorching sun and lack of access to cool air, water, and shade make daily survival a grueling task. Retail establishments often push them away, fearing it may offend their customers, leaving the homeless with few places to find relief.

This summer, as we enjoy the comfort of cool drinks and air-conditioned spaces, let’s remember our brothers and sisters who endure the sweltering heat without such luxuries. Many do not have the simple relief of a cold drink or a shaded spot to rest.

Our devoted Friars and lay volunteers are out there every day, providing direct service, prayers, and support to the homeless and

working poor. As we unwind during family gatherings, vacations, and the slower pace of summer, let’s spare a thought for those who are relentlessly working through the heat waves to offer some comfort and hope to those in need.

To all the dedicated Friars and laity who bring a bit of coolness and compassion to those for whom summer is far from easy living—thank you. Your efforts make a world of difference.

Many blessings,

Fr. David Convertino, OFM

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